About Us


Est. 1977

We have been an active sorority on Lycoming College's Campus since 1977, and we have been continuing to promote the values we were founded on ever since. We strive to create and promote an environment of support and growth where every woman has the ability to prosper and thrive!


"What if I'm involved in other things on campus?"

Our sisters are very involved on Campus! GDS allows our sisters to come together even while we each participate in many different things outside of our organization. 

Our sisters are athletes, theater majors, tutors, tour guides, lab assistants, singers in choir, club presidents, Student Senate members, research assistants, teaching assistants, artists, and everything in between. 

Find our sisters all across campus!


Fun Facts about Gamma Delta Sigma

  1. We are the one and only GDS! 
  2. Our colors are dark blue, yellow, and green
  3. Our mascot is the duck
  4. We live on a floor in East Hall that we nicknamed "The Treehouse"